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Carolyn A. Lee


Couple o' creepy dudesMark Stevens
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A witch, her great-aunt and a dragqueen .mp3Emily Cyr
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Celebrity Sitcom impressionsBradley Carter
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14 characters and a narratorKatherine Lowry Logan
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Women and math, Slumberland book title
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Full Disclosure

I started narrating over 6 years ago under my actor name, Amy Johnson. With all due respect to my parents, it's not that searchable (although sometimes that's a blessing ;)).  This new alias has been created out of family names from both mom and dad, while leaving the "A." for Amy.  I'm hoping this name will be a little easier to seek for those who like to follow their narrators.


Daryl Hix Titles:

Daryl narrates titles with some risky content; be it sexual, psychological, or violent situations.  I don't narrate books that make me extremely uncomfortable, but I know listeners have preferences, whether they are seeking them our or trying to avoid.  I'll give you a heads-up here!

Come Monday - by Mari Carr
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My first title under Daryl!  This is a fun sexy-romance with some pretty detailed experimental sex-scenes.  All consensual, and definitely HOT!



So Long as We're Together

by Glenda Burgess

I am delighted to announce a new title by Glenda Burgess:  So Long as We're Together.  This beautiful work of fiction traces the history of 2 sisters, the challenges they meet after the sudden suicide of their mother and facing up to the past.  Expect it's release in January 2020!

Recently, I created a pseudonym for my pseudonym!  Daryl Hix will be taking on more risque subject matter with gusto!


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