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YA Fantasy, 4F, 1st person POVnarrated under Carolyn A. Lee
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Couple o' creepy dudesnarrated under Amy Johnson
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Mil, Troy and Delaneynarrated under Amy Johnson
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Celebrity Sitcom impressionsnarrated under Carolyn A. Lee
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14 characters and a narratornarrated under Carolyn A. Lee
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Full Disclosure

I started narrating over 6 years ago under my actor name, Amy Johnson. With all due respect to my parents, it's not that searchable (although sometimes that's a blessing ;)).  This new alias has been created out of family names from both mom and dad, while leaving the "A." for Amy.  I'm hoping this name will be a little easier to seek for those who like to follow their narrators.




Thrilled to be working on this YA sci-fi novella series by Stephanie Hansen.  Altered Helix is out now, followed by Stranded Coil soon and Paralleled Bond will be out in July.  More info about this series on my Recent Works Page.

I'm also THRILLED to have been recently added to the roster in 2 new production companies, both started by Chicago women!!   The Audio Flow and Pink Flamingo Productions.  I'm delighted to be a part of these talented group of narrators and look forward to future books with them.

Altered Helix

by Stephanie Hansen


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