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YA Fantasy, 4F, 1st person POVnarrated under Carolyn A. Lee
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Couple o' creepy dudesnarrated under Amy Johnson
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Mil, Troy and Delaneynarrated under Amy Johnson
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Celebrity Sitcom impressionsnarrated under Carolyn A. Lee
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Gangster run-in; 2 M, 1 F, crass, expletnarrated under Amy Johnson
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Full Disclosure

Born & raised in Nebraska, I've been a Chicago actor for 20 years under my name, Amy Johnson- working primarily in narration, TV, film and theatre, the latter of which I was honored with a Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actress in the play, Falling, by Deanna Jent. 


With respect to my parents, my name is not that searchable (though sometimes that's a blessing ;)).  The new alias reflects both sides of my family.  Narrating books has been the perfect outlet for my inner introvert playing to the imaginary audience of my mind. . .and they laugh at my jokes.



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Having just wrapped up a couple of non-fiction titles, I'm working on a new romance novel, Fantasy Football, by Amber Marler. 


Spoiler alert:  As I prepped the book, it wasn't at all what I imagined and was pleasantly surprised at the detailed inclusion of a breast cancer survivor heroine.  My sister went through a very similar breast cancer experience a couple years ago.  I'm very happy to say both stories have HEA endings and I've been honored to narrate this one.  Will provide a link as soon as it's out! 

Fantasy Football

by Amber Marler


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