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Thoughts on the narration:

Crown Princess Academy is my first YA book and first Fantasy; all in one!  It was also recorded during the 2nd week of Shelter-in-Place in Chicago, so I can't begin to say how awesome it was to have a distraction with such clear fantastic characters to play.  It was a welcome escape. 


It was the first in a series-- I don't know yet if I'll be the narrator for the following books, but I highly recommend it to YA listeners looking for a fun fantasy to temporarily depart the real world.


Altered Helix is the first in a set of 3 novellas that I am narrating for Stephanie Hansen.  These are my 2nd-4th YA books and I couldn't be happier to have been connected with this series.  

There is a sci-fi/futuristic (but not-so-distant) theme and it incorporates messages I never read as a kid, such as the importance of proper legislation.  The supporting story line, with the Street kids, pushes back on stereotypes associated with homelessness and digs to the root of the problem as to how these kids became homeless.  Stranded Coil and Paralleled Bond will both be out by July.  :)

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I was thrilled when Glenda Burgess chose me to narrate her book.  I was struck by the honesty and humor in the audition, and felt in my bones that I was the right choice to narrate.  My wishful thinking came not only true, but surpassed my expectations at how much I enjoyed the book when I first read it.  It's one of those gems that make you reflect on your own growth years in highschool while reading the unique background of these twin sisters and getting more than one satisfying conclusion of disturbing, life-changing events.  Dabbles of beautiful musical lyrics and poetry are sewn into this touching work of fiction.

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