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This will soon be a list of my favorite narrators and books I love listening to. . .

More of mine:

The Pearl Brooch - French accent sample
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Our heroine, Sophia, accidentally sends the wrong message with her hand fan to Thomas Jefferson, while sitting at the opera with the Marquise de Lafayette.  We learned about the language of the fan in an acting class in grad-school, so I particularly enjoy this scene.

Eluded - Comic, Romance
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Charlotte and "D" could not come from more opposite backgrounds, but that's the best part of watching these two get to know each other and drive this Romance mystery into full gear as they search for Charlotte's missing sister.

The Melancholy Howl - Irish accent; Mystery/Thriller
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This is from the 5th book in the Alison Coil series. Trudy finds herself in a frightening situation with an ex-rockstar.

Pre-warning: sexual violence subject matter

Podcasts (I love them too)

A (soon to come) list of my favorite podcasts; feel free to send me yours too!!

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